Meeting the Parents

So my friend is dating this guy and his parents were visiting for the weekend. I am not a fashionista, however, I do have practice in meeting the parents, since my boyfriend and I have been dating for years. My friend asked me for some ideas on what to wear. I thought I would write a little post about it, just in case there are more girls out there wondering the same thing.

First, what is the venue? Are you going to a lacrosse game or going to dinner? Since most girlfriends will meet their boyfriend’s parents at a dinner, I am going to focus on that for now.

So, you are going to dinner. Even if the restaurant is casual, you will have to dress to impress. Think timeless with a little spice. The trick is to wear something that the mom will approve of without looking like you are going to work or to church. You also do not want to be too trendy. For example, although leather is very in right now I would not recommend it for this occasion.

Below are some photographs of outfits I think would be perfect (well, maybe with a few changes).

This outfit works well because of the classic crew neck sweater and the flowing silk skirt. Navy blue is always a good color to bring out for this event and the stripes add color and pattern. I would lose one of the pearl strands though.

Now this outfit is a little more trendy but I love this whole look for this dinner (minus the sunglasses please). It is comfortable and easy going. The neutral palette appeals to everyone and looks sophisticated at the same time. I also love that she is wearing flats. I would definitely recommend flats or equestrian boots for your evening. Please leave your sky-high pumps at home, no matter how great your legs look in them.

In this last outfit, I wanted to point out a couple of things.  Dark jeans can usually be worn at a casual restaurant. However, I would encourage you to go skinny, rather than flare, with flats. What is really great about this outfit is the top and jacket. I love how she tucks her top into her jeans; very classic look. The jacket is also adorable and can be worn over a sleeveless top to give you some more coverage.

So now you have some ideas. I would also encourage you to get on Pinterest for further inspiration! Most likely, you already own the perfect outfit but just need some help visualizing it. Remember, it is most important to be comfortable and wear something that expresses your personality. Don’t worry…I am sure they will love you!

Do you have any thing further to add? Any more advice for girls about to meet the parents?  What would you wear?


Interview 101

I just got back to school and the question everyone is asking is “What did you do over winter break?”

Unlike some of my lucky peers who have jobs already, I have been going to interviews. Since it has been on my mind and I am a fresh source of information, I decided to write a quick post about interviews. I hope this helps any of my readers who are in the same boat as me!

1. Do your research: Before my interview, I always research the company. Some good sources are the company’s website, the news page on its website, the annual report and websites like Vault or Glassdoor.

2. Be prepared: make sure you have all the necessary materials, like a cover letter or resume, before going to your interview. Presentation of these materials is also important, so make sure you check out some examples and print them on a thicker paper. I also carry a little bag to interviews with dental floss, mini sewing kit, a lint remover and some other goodies. You never know what may happen along the way!

3. Know what they want: When you are interviewing, make sure you know the job description. Match what you say about yourself to the job description, if it is true.

4. Know what you want: What do you want from this interview? Do you want them to put you in touch with a colleague or usher your application through Human Resources? Make sure you know what you want before you walk in the door.

5. Dress to impress: It is always good to error on the side of modesty for an interview. A black or grey skirtsuit, a lady-like shell, stockings and mid-sized heels can never lead you wrong.

What did you do on your winter break? Do you have any good tips for interviewing, dressing appropriately or writing a cover letter or resume?

How are you “aligning” up?

Occasionally I blog about things that bother me, such as woman saying “like.” I have also found it helpful to blog about things I need to work on myself. Posture is something about which I have to be constantly aware. I know I am not the only one! Looking at young women walking to class or in the library, I see necks and chins sticking out and slumped shoulders all around.

Bad posture not only looks unattractive but it can cause health problems like permanent damage to your natural spinal curve, muscle pain and nerve compression.

Want to stop? Here are some helpful tips: Inhale and lift your chest up while pulling your shoulders back and shoulder blades down. Pull your chin in, so it does not protrude more than it should. Pull your stomach in towards your spine. Now you are looking good!

So how do you keep this up? I have been having trouble with this myself. Every couple of days I remember that I am trying to work on my posture. For a day I stand up straight and feel great! But then the next day I will have a paper due or have to research a company for an interview. Goodbye beautiful, tall woman and hello hunched creature huddled over a computer. While writing this post I have been playing around with a couple ideas. Maybe you could get a friend to watch their posture with you. You all could remind each other daily. Eventually perfect posture would be just a habit! Or perhaps getting a massage, after pinching some pennies, would help your muscles relax. Another idea is to do yoga at night or in the morning. It is a wonderful way to wake up and yoga inherently improves your posture if done correctly. Check out the diagram for a great morning routine!

Do you have any ideas about how to make good posture a habit? Do you think young women today have good or bad posture overall?

One tired word

She is just a little like Clueless                Cite: Scott Rudin (Producer)

When talking about boys, Cher from “Clueless” lamented “they fall out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair – ew – and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.” While I love Cher and agree with her statement about young men today, she is not exactly the poster girl for proper english language. One thing I learned from Clueless is that if you do not have anything to say do not use filler words such as “like” and “um.” Now, I know “like” seems to be ubiquitous.  It creeps into conversations like a virus and it is just as impossible to cure. Girls, if you have not gotten the memo, “The Simple Life” is so a billion years ago, as is speaking like Paris and Nicole.

Maybe we all need a little grammar lesson. “Like” is a comparison word, synonymous with “similar.” You also might use it in place of “love.” It should definitely not be used to like, fill the silence.

Is this what you want to be? Cite: Fox Network

I was inspired to write this post after listening to a few women share opinions during a class discussion. I had to physically stop myself from cringing and covering my ears. As educated women, we do not need to say words that mean nothing and make us sound frivolous and ignorant. These students had interesting things to add to the class.  However, it translated as: “I like can’t wait to go to the mall.”

Do you say “like” too? You are not alone. I know that there was a time when I would use this word in random, improper parts of my sentences. There are ways to stop yourself! Follow these steps to break this bad habit! One: Become aware of what you are doing. Two: Ask friends or your parents to correct you when you use “like.”  After being interrupted and told how many times you are using “like,” you will stop because, honestly, fitting in that useless word is not worth all that drama! Once you stop saying “like” people will listen to you and not be distracted from your brilliant ideas by inane words.

Do you say “like?” Have you noticed this word being over used in conversations? Are you going to try to stop? Do you have other ideas about how to break the habit?