And on the First Day

…I created this blog. This is partially true; I did need a technologically savvy friend to help me, so thank you! And now I am finally ready to write my first post.

I am a proud older sister. While my little sister is incredibly independent and sometimes more mature than me, I have always been there to listen, give advice and help her along the way.  Now that we both attend the University of Virginia, we have become even closer. It is too bad that not every girl can have an older sister. I am here to fill that role. I love to write and chat and so naturally, combining my big sister qualities and my loquacious nature, I love to give guidance as well.

In today’s world, it is easy to lose your way. Between actresses that become famous because of inappropriate videos and women on reality television who act unintelligent and exploit themselves, a girl can get the wrong message. Let me send you the right one: that is not what you should want to be. Now, I make that statement and I am not your mother. I am a college girl, a young 22 years old. In no way am I promoting that you become a nun or stay in on a Friday night to study. However, I believe, as a young woman, you need to think of how you wish to present your best self to the world.

I hope this blog gives you ideas about how you can become an educated, compassionate, stylish and driven woman.  Please keep checking in as I begin to post and add more to Windsor Lily! I welcome comments, although I will remove any that contain inappropriate or offensive language.