Interview 101

I just got back to school and the question everyone is asking is “What did you do over winter break?”

Unlike some of my lucky peers who have jobs already, I have been going to interviews. Since it has been on my mind and I am a fresh source of information, I decided to write a quick post about interviews. I hope this helps any of my readers who are in the same boat as me!

1. Do your research: Before my interview, I always research the company. Some good sources are the company’s website, the news page on its website, the annual report and websites like Vault or Glassdoor.

2. Be prepared: make sure you have all the necessary materials, like a cover letter or resume, before going to your interview. Presentation of these materials is also important, so make sure you check out some examples and print them on a thicker paper. I also carry a little bag to interviews with dental floss, mini sewing kit, a lint remover and some other goodies. You never know what may happen along the way!

3. Know what they want: When you are interviewing, make sure you know the job description. Match what you say about yourself to the job description, if it is true.

4. Know what you want: What do you want from this interview? Do you want them to put you in touch with a colleague or usher your application through Human Resources? Make sure you know what you want before you walk in the door.

5. Dress to impress: It is always good to error on the side of modesty for an interview. A black or grey skirtsuit, a lady-like shell, stockings and mid-sized heels can never lead you wrong.

What did you do on your winter break? Do you have any good tips for interviewing, dressing appropriately or writing a cover letter or resume?


One thought on “Interview 101

  1. Your post on interviews was really insightful. It certainly helps to be prepared and organized because you never know what your interviewer will be like, or what questions they’ll ask you.

    I run a blog ( where people in their twenties share stories and advice about starting a career. I’d like to know if you could contribute by writing a profile of yourself and your career interests. Please reply to if you’re interested.

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